Exercise by solving exercises

This section represents a collection of exercises with clues and examples which are meant to help you better understand basic concepts. As opposed, when solving exercises from your homework, you won’t be given any clues.

The exercises are generated with programming language which is why the same exercise won’t be met twice (at least not very often).

When solving them, you have two buttons – 'Check the exercise' - which tells you if you answered wrong or right and 'New exercise'.

Work by doing homework

'Homework' contains exercises from the 'Exercises' section. You can solve as many exercises as you want by choosing a number starting from one. If you don't want the homework to contain certain types of exercises, you can fill in with 0 or leave the box empty. In order to start solving the exercises you have to press the button 'Start solving the homework'.

When going through the homework, you have three buttons: 'Check the exercise' – which tells you if your answer is right or wrong, 'Next exercise' and 'I don’t know'.

The homework will also display some information concerning its status – how many exercises it has and how many you have left and it also displays the number of times you selected the 'I don’t know' button.

Become clever by doing IQ tests

IQ tests with questions are free. You can repeat this IQ test several times without getting bored because the questions will always be different.

When going through the IQ test quiz you can click on the 'Next' button which will take you to the next question. The information about the test status reffers to: the correctitude of the answers, how many IQ questions you have answered, the number of correct answers, the number of wrong answers, and a graph expressing the percentage of exercises solved from the total number of exercises.

The test has 10 IQ questions and its purpose is to measure your mathematical intelligence. My IQ is measured depending on the number of questions solved correctly and the time in which the test is finished. The online IQ test result has 7 levels of intelligence , the better and faster you give your answer there are more chances of getting a better result.

By learning math, you learn to think.