Subtract integers

What is the result of subtracting integers

75 - 21 =

Remember !

The set of integers is the set which contains natural numbers and the negatives of the natual numbers. Integers are used to express values for temperatures, to measure altitudes in respect to the sea level etc.

Integers preceded by the sign (+) are called positive integers while the ones preceded by sign (-) are called negative integers. Is not neccessary to write the sign (+) in front of the positive integers.

To make the difference a-b we have to add a and the opposite of b. For example, a-b=a+(-b) or a-(-b)=a+b , if we have minus minus b, then it becomes b.

Exemple !

1 - 2 = -1

-1 - 2 = -3

3 - (-3) = 6

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