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1ELA1006 min 30 sec
2cool10017 min 31 sec
3Cris905 min 29 sec
4Nektarios908 min 6 sec
5aba909 min 14 sec
6cool9010 min 17 sec
7cool9015 min 28 sec
8cool9015 min 33 sec
9Victoria Romanciuc9036 min 19 sec
10cool806 min 56 sec
11George Rad807 min 22 sec
12rena8015 min 1 sec
13Victor8018 min 18 sec
14aba8019 min 34 sec
15livi8020 min 47 sec
16cool8023 min 22 sec
17cool8029 min 13 sec
18Nico704 min 2 sec
19Johnny704 min 31 sec
20cool706 min 38 sec
21Iulia708 min 3 sec
22cool708 min 7 sec
23Gabi708 min 12 sec
24Zlate Raoul709 min 56 sec
25Niko7010 min 2 sec
26cool7011 min 10 sec
27cool7021 min 2 sec
28cool7023 min 13 sec
29Victoria R.7028 min 56 sec
30dariana604 min 34 sec
31cool606 min 1 sec
32Mihai606 min 10 sec
33cool607 min 4 sec
34narcisa608 min 3 sec
35Daria608 min 30 sec
36cool609 min 14 sec
37Cool609 min 21 sec
38Zlate Raoul609 min 34 sec
39viva6010 min 32 sec
40Aura I. Ples6012 min 31 sec
41cool6012 min 55 sec
42Irina6013 min 5 sec
43cool6013 min 56 sec
44Cris6015 min 51 sec
45cool6017 min 21 sec
46cool6018 min 52 sec
47Ionel Futbine501 min 29 sec
48Loredana504 min 34 sec
49caterinca505 min 31 sec
50Ianis506 min 14 sec
51hjj506 min 57 sec
52Cristina507 min 11 sec
53cool508 min 51 sec
54Yannis508 min 53 sec
55cool509 min 0 sec
56cool509 min 6 sec
57cool5011 min 38 sec
58janel5011 min 53 sec
59cool5011 min 59 sec
60Ana5016 min 31 sec
61Cati5017 min 5 sec
62Dino65019 min 24 sec
63Cnv400 min 21 sec
64cool404 min 24 sec
65cool404 min 31 sec
66Alex404 min 52 sec
67Mavi405 min 5 sec
68cool405 min 23 sec
69Adi405 min 45 sec
70LangaPetru406 min 44 sec
71Mada406 min 47 sec
72gagiu petru407 min 13 sec
73cool407 min 49 sec
74Aida Maria408 min 5 sec
75cool408 min 6 sec
76cool408 min 33 sec
77cool4010 min 5 sec
78cool4010 min 39 sec
79cristi4013 min 38 sec
80cool4014 min 41 sec
81cool4016 min 22 sec
82cool4022 min 43 sec
83cool300 min 37 sec
84YT|LaurVip302 min 0 sec
85cool302 min 19 sec
86catalin303 min 13 sec
87cool303 min 14 sec
88Cnv303 min 20 sec
89Ionut303 min 40 sec
90Isac304 min 40 sec
91Ianis305 min 20 sec
92anonima11306 min 19 sec
93cool306 min 29 sec
94S.M1chael307 min 7 sec
95òaafina307 min 10 sec
96Vasile308 min 13 sec
97cool308 min 13 sec
98Mona 308 min 40 sec
99Oana 309 min 17 sec
100cool3018 min 55 sec

IQ Test

IQ tests with questions are free. You can repeat this IQ test several times without getting bored because the questions will always be different.

When going through the IQ test quiz you can click on the 'Next' button which will take you to the next question. The information about the test status reffers to: the correctitude of the answers, how many IQ questions you have answered, the number of correct answers, the number of wrong answers, and a graph expressing the percentage of exercises solved from the total number of exercises.

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