Trapezoid perimeter

Calculate the perimeter of a trapezoid with the length of the small base 6 cm, and the length of the large base 74 cm, and the length of the unparallel bases 25 cm and 90 cm

The perimeter is cm

Remember !

The trapezoid is a convex quadtrilateral with two parallel sides and two unparallel sides.

The midsegment of the trapezoid is the segment that joins the midpoints of the legs and is equal to the sum of the bases divides by two.

The isosceles trapezoid has congruent legs. Properties:

– the diagonals are congruent

– the connecting angles are congruent

– the perpendicular bisector is the smmetry ax

- the opposite angles are sunt supplementary

-The area is equal to the height multiplied by the midsegment

Let B - large base , b - small base , h - heigth, d - diagonal , MN - midsegment

Perimeter of trapezoid is equal to the sum of the sides

How to calculate the area of a trapezoid: A = MN • h ; A = ( B + b ) • h / 2

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